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Latest Trends

With a proactive approach, Inquire Design is able to keep you and your business up to date with the latest technology and trends. We make sure that the technology used on your website is compatible across all different types of devices. In order to maintain your competitive advantage over your competition, we will stay on top of the leading trends in your industry.

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Visibily Obvious Design

A confusing web design can distract visitors from the message you are trying to convey. We design websites in a way that allows guests to navigate easily. Did you know that colors can change an audience’s mind about your website? That is why at Inquire Design, we put care into the research and selection of color combinations for your website. Now is the right time for your business to start enhancing your online presence.

mobile icon  Mobile First

Mobile web traffic activity represented nearly 70% of traffic in 2015. With this statistic in mind, we incorporate the Luke Wroblewki's Mobile First strategy to focus on mobile functionality prior to larger platforms.

coding icon  Simple Coding

We know the importance of speed when loading pages and are intentional to develop fast code. By making our code concise, we are able to increase page loading speeds and development efficiency.

support icon  Support

Need to update your website? Need help with your email? We understand that running a business is time consuming, that is why we have a support team ready to help out.

Web Design & Development Phases


We understand that every industry and audience is different, that is why we take the time to get to know our clients.


Combining your ideas with imagery brings feelings and emotional ties to life during the design aspect of the project.


We develop the designed website layouts into the final structure ready to launch to the internet for your audience.


After all designed aspects get presented to and approved by our client, the project goes live for the public to access and utilize.

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Responsive Web Design

The way users interact with the web has changed and will continue to change throughout the years. People use desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones to browse the web and research future purchases. To optimize visibility on these various platform screen sizes, Inquire Design incorporates responsive web design into all aspects of web design and development. Integrated into each of our responsive web designs, we have the foresight to optimize each page for search engines with our SEO skills.

Our goal in designing an eCommerce website is to convert surfers into customers and then customers into repeat customers. A successful website can help make the purchase easier by not requiring an account to process the order, creating an easy-to-use navigation, providing detailed product information, and adequate product image sizes.

Do you want to maintain the website yourself? Great! A content management system, CMS, is a perfect solution for you. CMS is an ideal product that allows you to update your own website with blog posts, photos, different verbiage, or even adding more pages. With the CMS option we offer, you can update your website without having to know any development languages.

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