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Social Media Marketing

Going Viral

When used effectively, social media marketing is a magnificent avenue to spread awareness about your brand. In order get your business out there, you need to have engaging, exciting and high-quality posts. The things that go viral, as we say, are those that do one of three things; helpful, emotional, or saving time/money. When we develop content that falls into those categories, we are built for successful marketing on social media.

Social Media Marketing on Maui gone viral

Social Media Marketing driving traffic to website

Traffic Generation

Social media marketing paired with blogging and SEO, we are able to turn your social media posts into traffic for your website. Blogging is an excellent way to show people how smart you are in niche or get to know you better. These are things that people want to know and they find out through posting about your blogs. Your blogs are optimized using SEO to draw more organic traffic, which gets a boost when your post on social media goes viral.

content icon Content

We understand that entertaining, helpful, and/or useful content will get the most recognition.

consistency icon Consistency

The more people can rely on the timing of your posts the more you build your company brand tribe.

business exposure icon Exposure

The greater your exposure on social media, the greater your results on search engine optimization.

Social Media Platforms


Facebook has over 1.19 billion users dominating the social media platforms reaching youngsters to seniors.


The social media platform has over 313 million users tweeting about relevant, personal and brief information.


LinkedIn has over 467 million users connecting to each other through the old-fashion way of networking.


The social media monster has over 600 million users sharing visual content to view during others zone-out time.

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Social Media Marketing

Customer service in today’s digital age has completely changed the way support is done. With the addition of social media, people now tend to contact a brand or business directly on social media. When a customer contacts a brand or business needing support, they demand a response within an hour. If a customer does not get their need fill within that time, it could be detrimental to a business or brands image in the public’s eye. We make it so that your business or brand is constantly up to date in responding to customers, even when you are closed.

Blogs optimized for SEO that are shared on social media platforms, creates impeccable results for your brand or business. Social media is an avenue to get your business or brand directly in front of your customers. As Margot daCunha once said, "Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ - these are some of the prime networks every company, big or small, young or established, needs to have an active presence on."

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