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The internet is constantly being filled on a daily basis with new websites and businesses trying to make a name for themselves. One of the ways that you can stay ahead of these upcoming competitors is to invest in SEO, search engine optimization. We want you to grab your audience when they are hunting for your services or products that you are offering.

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Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

There is a variety of different search engines that you could rank for, such as; Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With our SEO system, we are able to optimize your website for all of these different search engines synchronizing them simultaneously. Google changes their algorithm between 500-600 times a year, staying on top of these changes is why we encourage SEO for every website that we design.

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In order to streamline our search engine optimization practices, we insure that the website has been set up properly. We make adjustments to the page to get it working effectively.

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Inquire Design uses proper page linking to expand and build your audience. We use high quality links to direct people back to your pages, which increase your rankings and customer loyalty.

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The majority of customers come from the local area surrounding the business operations. We want to make you stand out more and expand your client range online.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO at its core begins with proper web design. What is meant by that is that it functions on mobile devices and is responsive. A well designed responsive website decreases the amount of time spent developing and designing, since Inquire Design has a single set of code rather than multiple for the wide range of devices out there today. It increases load speed which dramatically decreases your bounce rate, users visiting the website and bouncing out of it.

How will people find your business or brand on the internet? SEO leverages search engines to have your website appear ahead of your competitors and into the hands of your customers. SEO marketing combines multiple factors to help browsers find your products or services quickly and easily. We only use accepted practices to grow your website organically, rather than have it grow quickly only to get penalized on search engines.

Local SEO practices on Maui are crucial. From Kihei to Lahaina down to Paia, results will vary on search engines to give customers more of a direct need. Your shop in Lahaina will better serve people in that location rather than down in Paia and vice versa. The first thing to do is to register your business with Google My Business and Bing Places to make sure that your business shows up for local searches. Getting in front of those that are searching for your products or services in your area is key.

Inquire Design understands that a website is useless if people are not able to find it. Google, Bing, and Yahoo receive over 83,000 searches a second, with 66,000 on Google alone! Let us funnel those searches toward your products or services to boost your company.

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